Is your Kitchen Ugly? Cheap Backgrounds for Food Photography

Is your kitchen ugly? Are you upset you don’t have 1,000 exotic locations to shoot in? My kitchen is very ugly. It really is. Not only are the counter tops made of glittery, yellow Formica, but they match the backslash and the floor. Any photo taken in the kitchen has a sickly yellow cast. It’s very unappealing for food photography.

ImageNever fear. Those of us stuck with cringe worthy cooking arrangements don’t have to let that get in the way of our photography. There are cheap and easy tools that can be used to transform your photos.

Use other rooms: Try taking photos in rooms other than in the kitchen. Many people have pretty wood tables in their dining room that make for nice backgrounds. Alternatively, some people take great photos on the tiles in their bathrooms.

Don’t use tables: We always think about keeping food on the table but great photos are to be had when you think off the tables. Your deck, chairs in your house, carpets, or floors can look great in a photo. Few people will even recognize that your photo was taken someplace strange.

Use paper: A nice, cheap way to have dozens of different backdrops is to buy a book of patterned scrapbooking paper. These can be bought for under $10 and offer hundreds of different color combinations. Wrapping paper can also be a good backdrop. If you find a pattern you really like, buy multiple sheets of it as it is likely to be ruined being around the food.

Utilize the hardware store. The photo at the top of this page was taken on two stick-on, 59 cent flooring. Individual tiles, wood paneling, wood scraps etc. can be used to mimic nice tables.

Use fabric: Those $2 quilt squares can be very helpful in mimicking tablecloths. Also cheap placemats can quickly change the look and feel of an image.

Hope this was helpful! Any tips or tricks you use?


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